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Where Are The Human Rights That You Are Talking About ?!

Terrorism Against Muslims In Palestine By Zionists, In Burma By Buddhists, In Kashmir By Indian Governemnts, Chechnya By Russian Governments, In Syria By Bashar Al Assad Army, In Iran By Iranian Shia, In Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya. By American Forces , In Lebanon By Hassan Nasrallah And His Shia Forces, In Mali By Frensh Forces , In Yemen, China, Philipines, Indonesia , Guntanamo ( Cuba ), Abu Gharib , Egypt, Center Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Somalia And Other Countries : Muslims Are Killed Every Day By Zionists, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Shia And Others ... But Why ?! Coz Islam Is The True Religion ? Why Islam Doens't Attack Any Other Religion And All Other Religions Want Just To Destroy Islam ? Coz Islam Is The Religion Of Terrorism Thats What You Want To Say! Who Started The First And The Second World War Where 120 Millions Of People Were Dead In It ?! Bush Destoryed Iraq And Afghanistan In The Name Of Democracy, Who Dropped The Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima And Nagasaki And Killed 300,000 People? Who Killed 2 Million Of Native Aborigines In Australia ? Who Killed More Then 100 Millions Of Native Red Indians In North America And Killed More Than 50 Millions Of Native Red Indians In South America ? Who Took About 200 Millions Of Africans People As Slaves, Killed And Threw 80% Of Then In The Atlantic Ocean !? French Killed Millions Of People In Maghreb! Old Yugoslavia And Russia Killed Thousands Of Kosovo And Bosnian People, Stalin Killed 40 Milions People In Name Of Communism ! Hitler Killed 50 Millions People In Name Of Nazism! Are These People Muslims ?! If We Make A Mistake Blame Me, Not My Religion. Islam Is Perfect But We Are Not! If Someone Of You Make An Accident With Your Car, I Will Not Blame Your Car But You!

~ There Is No God But Allah, And The Worship, All Of It Must Be For Allah (SWT)

~ Stop Killing Muslim People Everywhere ~

~ Islam Is The True Religon ~

~ Islam Is The Religion Of Peace ~

So When We Defend Ourselves, Why You Call Us Terrorists ?! You Made The Terrorism And You Occupate Our Countries! You Theft Our Life Under The Cover Of Counter-Terrorism You Killed Our Children , Our Mothers, Our Fathers, Our Sisters, Our Brothers, Our Family And You Call Us Terrorists?! After All What You Do Against Us And Against Our Messenger, Our Religion, Our Family What You Want Us To Be ?! Cowards ?! Surrendereds ?! What You Want Us To Do When You Rape Our Sisters And Destroy Our Countries ?! We Will Defend Our Religion, Our Families, Our Countries Till We Die And We Dont Give A Fuck If You Call Us Terrorists! I Dont Fear The Death, You Know Why ?! Coz If The Death Can Be A Women Am The First Man Who Will Marry Her

\!/ We Are AnonGhost And We Are Everywhere \!/

We Are : Mauritania Attacker ~ Virusa w0rm ~ Extazy007 ~ Tak Dikenal ~ Mboten Tepang